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We Offer Retractable Batting Cages That Conserve Space When It’s Out Of Use

Retractable Batting Cage Nets

As America’s pastime, there are kids playing baseball from 5 years old on up to the big leagues. All across our country, we have people training inside and out.

What happens if you need a batting cage for practice or training but you don’t have space for one? Well, we have a product designed to give people the full batting cage experience without losing valuable space. Retractable Batting Cages provide a full-size cage with premium netting materials to provide a perfect product for small places.

Retractable batting cages allows for a variety of layout options in a set baseball hitting facility space. Increase revenue sources and maximize existing revenue by setting up your hitting facility based on the current demand of your customer.





Batting Cage Netting

If you have a hitting facility, you know what a beating your nets can take. Let the experienced staff at Custom Netting help you get the nets you need for your entire indoor hitting facility. Let’s work together to build the batting cages that will last.

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Batting Cage Netting


Retractable Batting Cage Netting


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Custom netting for any sized field

How Are Retractable Batting Cages Installed?


There are two directions to retract batting cages or sports netting: laterally or vertically. The most cost-effective solution is to retract the netting laterally to one wall. This is done by running cables parallel to the ground and attaching the netting to the cables with a pulley wheel. With this method, the batting cage or barrier net will slide on the cables to one wall in the hitting facility.

Our preferred method is to have a permanent outer netting shell or arena net (one large fixed batting cage) and have sliding netting dividers on cables within the netting shell. With this setup, the net dividers can be slid back, opening the entire space for live batting practice, infield drills, long toss, speed, and agility, etc. Worried about not having an adequate structure to pull cabling from? No problem. We can use a curtain track system that suspends from the ceiling in place of the cables.

In some circumstances, like indoor gymnasium batting cages, retracting the netting vertically is the only solution. For this indoor retractable batting cage application, we recommend our hands-free electric winch system also known as a batting cage pulley system. This installation method will create a suspended batting cage. These collapsible batting cages are perfect for multi-use areas. With this setup, easily raise and lower your batting cages directly from the ceiling in minutes. More than one batting cage? No problem! We can vertically retract tandem batting cages or arena nets with multiple hitting cages inside.


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We used Custom Netting for all of the netting around our ballpark. They helped us with batting cages, and all the netting to keep baseballs from hitting passing cars. They were easy to work with and did a fantastic job with everything including the netting installation.

Jakob Filips

We have an indoor arena where we’ve introduced a variety of sports including lacrosse, soccer, and even arena football. We’ve used Custom Netting for everything and they have been incredible to work with. We really appreciate these guys.
Robinson Clarck

The driving range on our country club faces the highway. It’s a long shot but possible. To help us reduce our liabilities, we contacted Custom Netting and they gave us a very affordable price that included installation. Since that time, we’ve used them for several other projects that involved netting. Great company!
Martin Smith


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