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Sports netting, industrial netting & more. From stadium netting to backyard golf nets, we can handle all of your custom netting needs.

Sports Netting For        Any Need

Think of all the ways we use nets in our lives- for sports, industrial, commercial, agricultural and more. We are one of the leading netting manufacturers and sports netting suppliers in the United States. Whether you need netting for your stadium, sports arena, golf driving range, batting cages, manufacturing plant, or even poultry farm, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about your custom netting needs today.


Sports Netting

From sports nets for a stadium, ballpark, barrier netting, or arena netting to a backyard batting cages, or golf net, the staff at Custom Netting is standing by ready to help you customize your needs today. 


Netting for all sports- golf, baseball, football & more!


High quality for long lasting durability


Custom netting for any sized field, arena or area


No job is too big or too small

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Industrial Netting

Because we specialize in custom netting, we’re often the first call for companies around the country that have very specific, requirements for nets. We also get calls for a wide variety of industrial or manufacturing needs. We’ve created customized netting for a wide variety of industries such as:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Construction companies
  • Warehouse & Shipping Facilities
  • Transportation companies
  • Agricultural industries
  • Poultry farmers

Call us and let’s talk about what kind of nets you need. We’d love to help you. 

Popular Sports Nets

Let’s face it, sports nets are the unseen heroes of both sports and industry. They protect us in so many ways, but we seldom pay attention to them- until they’re not there. Let us help you protect your liabilities with custom nets.

We also offer Nationwide artificial grass installations for sports, pets, playgrounds, residential, and commercial needs.

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Golf Nets

From protecting your patrons at your country club to putting up driving range nets at your golf course, the staff at Custom Netting wants to help you establish safety parameters around your area. We even provide golf nets for residents that live on a golf course. Read more about our golf nets here.

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Lacrosse Net

From the nets in the lacrosse goals to the protective netting around the field, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with indoor or outdoor lacrosse leagues across the country. Call us and let’s talk about your needs today. Learn more about our lacrosse nets here.

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Soccer Net

From netting around entire soccer stadiums to the netting for soccer goals, let us handle all your all of your net needs.

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Baseball Net

We can provide the right nets for fields of any dimension. Baseball nets are our specialty. Whether you need netting for a backstop, batting cage, batting net, we’re standing by ready to help you with all your baseball netting. Our customers love how we help them build indoor or outdoor batting cages as well as retractable batting cages.


Net Specs

Every project that needs netting is different. That’s why we’ve got the experience and technology to help you understand exactly how much net you need.


Since 2008, we’ve worked with a variety of different industries. From stadiums to backyard batting cages and Fortune 500 companies to “Mom & Pop” shops, we’re here to serve you with any net you may need. 


From “Do-it-yourself” net installations to the big jobs, let Custom Netting guide you on the best way to get the project done. Call us and let’s talk about your job. 

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Client Testimonials

We used Custom Netting for all of the netting around our ballpark. They helped us with batting cages, and all the netting to keep baseballs from hitting passing cars. They were easy to work with and did a fantastic job with everything including the netting installation. 

Jakob Filips

The driving range on our country club faces the highway. It’s a long shot but possible. To help us reduce our liabilities, we contacted Custom Netting and they gave us a very affordable price that included installation. Since that time, we’ve used them for several other projects that involved netting. Great company!

Martin Smith

We have an indoor arena where we’ve introduced a variety of sports including lacrosse, soccer, and even arena football. We’ve used Custom Netting for everything and they have been incredible to work with. We really appreciate these guys. 

Robinson Clarck


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