Warehouse Containment Netting

Our Pallet Rack Netting Reduces Liability

A warehouse or fulfillment center with open shelves is an accident waiting to happen. Our pallet rack netting keeps your staff and inventory safe.

Pallet Rack Nets

Our Containment Netting Keeps Things In Place

You can never put a price on safety. That’s where our pallet rack netting can protect your people and reduce product damage in your warehouse, storage area or fulfillment center.

Our netting provides a see-through barrier that contains loose boxes, palletized goods or other stacked materials on warehouse shelves or storage racks.

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Warehouse Containment Netting

If you manage or operate a warehouse, storage facility or fulfillment center where you have rack pallet aisles, there’s a high probability you’ve seen something come crashing down from the shelves. It’s a matter of simple statistics. The more items are handled, the more likely they are to eventually fall.

While this is clearly a safety/liablity issue for your staff, most companies can’t afford the damaged inventory as well.

Our storage rack safety netting gives you a durable load containment barrier that keeps your inventory where it needs to be. Easy to install and nearly maintenance free, our containment netting gives you the peace of mind your business needs for daily operation.

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Client Testimonials

what They’re Saying

We used Custom Netting for all of the netting around our ballpark. They helped us with batting cages, and all the netting to keep baseballs from hitting passing cars. They were easy to work with and did a fantastic job with everything including the netting installation.
Jakob Filips

We have an indoor arena where we’ve introduced a variety of sports including lacrosse, soccer, and even arena football. We’ve used Custom Netting for everything and they have been incredible to work with. We really appreciate these guys.
Robinson Clarck

The driving range on our country club faces the highway. It’s a long shot but possible. To help us reduce our liabilities, we contacted Custom Netting and they gave us a very affordable price that included installation. Since that time, we’ve used them for several other projects that involved netting. Great company!
Martin Smith


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