Overhead Netting

Protect your fans with overhead netting at your baseball complex.

These days, every sports complex and stadium needs to protect their fans and visitors in order to manage their liabilities. Our overhead sports netting is perfect for the job. 

Overhead Nets Keep Everyone Safe!

If you manage a sports complex, you understand that it’s your job to keep everyone safe. No one can control stray foul balls, but you can control where they land. That’s where overhead netting can do the job. 

At Custom Netting, we’re able to provide a wide array of netting solutions that keep all your fans and players safe. Call us for a free consultation. 

Whether you need stadium netting, backstop netting, batting cage nets or overhead nets, we can help you provide the right solution for your ballpark. 

Custom Nets For Any Sports Complex

We’ve seen an increase in fan injuries around baseball parks across the nation this year. Major league stadiums everywhere have added more netting to protect the fans. Are you doing enough to protect your visitors?

As one of the leading sports net suppliers in the country, we have the expertise and experience you need when it comes to getting the right kind of netting for your facility. We provide:

  • Overhead netting
  • Backstop netting
  • Batting cage nets

Let us help you protect your fans and players alike. We’ll help you understand exactly what type of netting will work best for your situation.

Our nets are durable and made to last. We’ll even help with installation. We make your next netting project easy. Call us today.

Custom Overhead Nets For Colleges & Universities

Your fans should never have to worry about getting hit with a foul ball. That’s why we’ve seen an increase in calls asking about overhead netting. 

Depending upon the layout of your sports complex, most fans are vulnerable to getting hit while at the concession stand. That’s where our overhead nets can keep everyone safe. 

We provide free consultations to help you understand what kind of nets would be the best fit for your complex. Call us and let’s start a discussion today. 

Popular Sports Nets

Let’s face it, sports nets are the unseen heroes of both sports and industry. They protect us in so many ways, but we seldom pay attention to them- until they’re not there. Let us help you protect your liabilities with custom nets. 

Golf Nets

The staff at Custom Netting wants to help you establish safety parameters around your driving range.

Lacrosse Nets

From the nets in the lacrosse goals to the protective netting around the field, we’ve got you covered.

Soccer Net

From netting around entire soccer stadiums to the netting for soccer goals, let us handle all your all of your net needs.

Baseball Nets

We can provide the right nets for fields of any dimension. Whether you need netting for a backstop, batting cage, batting net, we’re standing by ready to help you with all your baseball netting.



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