Our custom nets can be used for fencing. Call us and let’s talk about how this might be a solution for you.

Custom Nets For Fencing

As one of the country’s top netting suppliers, we get calls all the time asking us questions about ways to use nets for fencing. We say, “We’re happy to help!”

We’ve worked with a wide variety of business and organizations to install custom netting solutions- well beyond sports netting. 

From safety or barrier fencing to drone containment fencing, we love helping our customers determine different ways to use nets for whatever need that exists. 

We specialize in providing durable, long-lasting netting solutions at affordable pricing. Plus, we have some of the best turnaround times in the market. 

Call us and let’s talk about creating a custom netting solution for your needs today. 


Fence Nets

We love to tell the stories of some of the netting project we’ve had the privilege to complete. Some of the requests come from industries we’ve never imagined. Here are some of the examples:


Netting For Deer Fences

Custom Netting provides deer netting to keep deer from entering or leaving the property. Because White-tailed deer can jump upwards of 8 feet high, we recommend the netting to be at, or above, that height. Our knotted nylon netting has far more UV resistance, breaking strength, and abrasion resistance compared to our competitor’s “plastic” netting. In addition, we can custom cut our netting to any specific length to perfectly fit your landscape.


Poultry Nets

Help manage and control your poultry farm with Custom Netting’s migration netting. We offer a variety of solutions to custom fit your space. The most common netting we fabricate is 3 feet high and has a vinyl pocket sleeve for a cable to be run through. On the sides, we typically add grommets for securing the fencing to an anchor point. We can custom fabricate any length. The most common mesh size is 1”, but we offer mesh sizes in 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, and 4”


Nettings For Landfill Litter Fencing

Decrease added labor cost of cleaning wind scattered litter by containing it with our debris netting system. Custom heights and length can be cut to size to fit the exact footprint of the landfill. ¾” knotless UV stabilized netting is perfect for collecting all sizes of debris. We’re happy to provide the netting alone, or ask about a turnkey installation with poles and netting!


Custom netting for any sized field


No job is too big or too small

More Examples Of Fence Nets


Netting For Perimeter Fencing

With prisons, jails or detention centers, we can help prevent the illegal delivery of contraband with Custom Netting’s security netting system. Our 1 ¾” mesh, UV Treated and Stabilized, Resin Bonded, and squared nylon netting is perfect for this application. We can custom cut the netting to any sized needed. We can also provide turnkey installation with steel or wood poles.


Safety/ Barrier Fencing

Netting is an economical solution to keeping children, animals, or objects from exiting or entering an area. We can custom fabricate any size netting to fit your space. We offer different size mesh openings and can recommend the perfect size based on your application.


Drone Fencing/ Containment Netting

At Custom Netting, we have the ability to create drone containment netting for drone racing, competitions or other uses. Call us and let’s talk about helping you with this possibility today.

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Client Testimonials

what They’re Saying

We used Custom Netting for all of the netting around our ballpark. They helped us with batting cages, and all the netting to keep baseballs from hitting passing cars. They were easy to work with and did a fantastic job with everything including the netting installation.
Jakob Filips

The driving range on our country club faces the highway. It’s a long shot but possible. To help us reduce our liabilities, we contacted Custom Netting and they gave us a very affordable price that included installation. Since that time, we’ve used them for several other projects that involved netting. Great company!
Martin Smith

We have an indoor arena where we’ve introduced a variety of sports including lacrosse, soccer, and even arena football. We’ve used Custom Netting for everything and they have been incredible to work with. We really appreciate these guys.
Robinson Clarck


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